Always A Witness

     Yesterday as I was leaving the church parking lot, I saw a neighbor to the church working on his car. I have been praying that God would give me more opportunities to witness and I felt the Holy Spirit suggest I go talk to him. I walked over, said “Hey buddy!” He looked at me a little stand-offish. I said, “Hey I’ve seen you and your family out enjoying the fresh air a few times lately and wanted to give you my card. I’m the new Pastor of Family and Worship here and if you ever have need of a Pastor, I’d be honored to help.” He responded with a thank you, gave the card a quick look, then put it away. I made it clear that I didn’t want to interrupt him while he was working so I headed back out to my car.

     The back of my card says-

Imagine: Today is your last day on earth and you now stand before God. If He should ask, “My heaven is perfect, why should I let you in?” What would you say?  Let’s talk about that.

     I prayed for him and hope to see him again soon however the Lord arranges it.  I know this story doesn’t have a fantastic ending… yet. But rarely does a witness story begin at the end. It takes around 14 touches of the gospel, on average, before a new believer comes to faith in Jesus.  Today, I haven’t even learned his name yet. But I was aware when the Lord prompted and I have faith that He will work things out in the future. Maybe I’ll write about the next chapter when it does.

     You know, there is really only one fantastic ending to any story that really matters. That’s one that ends in a happy meeting with Jesus.  I know that passing a card or a tract to someone seems to fall short of the traditional Baptist way of witnessing. However, to be faithful to Jesus’ commission to “make disciples” requires more than a careless passing of business cards. It requires respect and relationship. The very thing Jesus desires with us. All first meetings should be handled with compassion and respect. Then pray that God will open the door for you to build on that relationship and share your faith.

     You and I are to live as a witness and not just to ‘go witnessing’. Everyone we meet and everyone whom observes us from afar, is potentially someone that God is drawing into our lives so we might be a living testimony. Our lives are to be different from the world. We dress differently, have fun differently, and most importantly, talk differently.  If someone is sizing you up to possibly be a Christian, then they may be expecting you to say something Christ-like. So, will you? Because you are always a witness.